5 Free Sex Video Sites (Best Platforms)

Finding a good website to watch adult videos isn’t always easy.

5+ Sex Video Sites (Best Free Platforms)

Most of them have popups or poor quality content. – Then some clickbait by not showing the right clip you chose.

That’s why our team has put together a list of over 5+ Good Sex Video Platforms!

These are all free and trusted sites:

1. BubbleClips


BubbleClips shares premium sex videos for free. Instead of posting full movies, they edit them down to 8-minutes long.

And without paying for an expensive subscription fee! – At a rate of about 10 to 15 uploads per month, visitors may view clips from costly private porn sites.

While the originals would be nice, sources are still always included. Therefore, anyone who’d rather watch the 30+ minute videos can as well.

That’s a pretty good deal if you ask us!

Visit BubbleClips Now


  • Consistently uploads new clips
  • Multiple active adult categories
  • Premium content, literally for free
  • Timestamps included in blog posts
  • Always links to original sources


  • Aren’t full-length movies
  • Limited amount of total videos
  • Usually, clips cut before climaxes

2. Pornhub


Pornhub is the most recognizable site on this list to browse adult videos.

Because their platform has thousands of sex clips to watch! – And more constantly get uploaded by the hour. So it’s basically an endless supply of free porn.

No matter what your fetish may be, visitors will find videos with a fast search. Also, they’ve made cameos in mainstream ‘R’ rated films and run charitable events.

But sadly, the best scenes are locked behind a Pornhub Premium subscription.

Visit Pornhub Now


  • Huge community
  • Great categorization
  • Many amateur creators
  • Always adding new clips
  • Majority of content is free


  • Can’t download videos
  • Annoying popups and banner ads
  • Premium content behind a paywall

3. YouPorn


YouPorn has an amateur community in addition to many hot sex videos.

There are lots of categories available. – For instance, look through sections such as ‘Anal,’ ‘Lesbian,’ ‘Mature,’ ‘Threesomes’ and more. Plus, they have features like being able to sort by the ‘Most Viewed’ or ‘Top Rated’ clips.

Overall, these guys don’t really stand out from other platforms we’ve discussed. Instead, it’s simply another great, trusted porn website.

If you want some variety with sex clips, try visiting them!

Visit YouPorn Now


  • Good video player software
  • Actually a totally free website
  • Easily browse the best rated clips
  • Many categories with niche content


  • Most videos are pretty low-quality
  • Does contain advertising everywhere
  • Nothing special compared to others

4. Adult Subreddits

Adult Subreddits

NSFW Subreddits are niche communities that anyone over 18 years old can use to submit content. As a result, there’s an area for just about every sexual interest!

Today, we’re suggesting 60FPSPorn. – Take note, users here share short sex clips. And this section is awesome for browsing free HD porn at a fast rate.

Look through the adult subreddits now!

Visit 60FPSPorn Now


  • All clips are completely free
  • Large, friendly adult community
  • Subreddits for many sexual topics
  • Great way to discover new pornstars


  • Somtimes, videos are too short
  • Inactive sections or little content
  • Hard to find areas for your fetishes

5. WhoaGirls VODs

WhoaGirls VODs

WhoaGirls has amateur recordings of cam shows ready to watch. Also, we’ve discussed the main site before on our definitive list of 16 Best Sex Chat Rooms.

Do live sex broadcasts turn you on? – Because their video section archives the top performances. Additionally, members may visit model profiles to see past shows.

So browse the webcams and meet girls!

Visit WhoaGirls Now


  • Archives of real sex shows
  • Videos organized into categories
  • Given 120 free credits for viewing


  • Unfortunately, VODs are paid-only
  • Account needed to access past shows

Keep reading about porn platforms! – Visit another list of 3+ Sex Video Sites.

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