STPeach: Streamer Spotlight

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Meet STPeach, a hot female live streamer.

Often referred to as a Twitch Cam Girl, she has taken advantage of her stunning looks to claim online fame. – During streams, this babe flaunts a beautiful body, including those amazing curves!

STPeach Sexiness

On STPeach’s Twitter & Instagram she posts many sexy selfies.

Also, there are tons of fitness progress photos. – Which shows her nice booty getting bigger! So expect to see new pictures daily, then more on Snapchat.

But in July 2016, she went overboard with an infamous nip slip. Unfortunately, this incident led to a 1-week ban from Twitch.

Twitch History

Like many live streamers, STPeach has been involved in her share of controversy.

One time, she gave Byron aka ‘Reckful’ some dating advice by mentioning a crush was, “out of his league.” Now obviously, this angered many fans, but they’re still close and hang out together often.

At the start of her Twitch career, she became a ‘Lucky Girl’ who the popular entertainer, Mitch Jones hit on. Later, these two grew to be friends who raided each other’s channels with viewers.


STPeach works hard on live streaming and an amazing body.

In fact, she always does a few activities:

  • Keeps a consistent schedule
  • Plays many different games
  • And stays interactive with fans

Overall, these factors have gained her lots of attention while building a following.

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