CinCinBear: Streamer Spotlight

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Cinthya Alicea aka ‘CinCinBear’ always knew she’d become a star.

Fueled by ambition, this babe once watched other Twitch streamers. – Then after thinking, “I can be that popular too!” her broadcasting journey began.

CinCinBear grew an audience through playing Counter-Strike. However, viewers actually prefer games, like Minecraft or Stardew Valley. And the reasoning for this is so she can interact with fans better.

Get to Know CinCinbear

Cinthya spends free time watching anime and playing video games.

But this savvy chick never stops brainstorming new business ideas. – Also, with a strong sense of empathy, she donates monthly to save animals in need.

More Fun Facts:

  • Claims to only have one close friend.
  • You’ll commonly find her live streaming Overwatch.
  • Shares a birthday with Christmas on December 25th.
  • In a 2016 interview, she said World of Warcraft is her all-time favorite game.

CinCinBear has a cute attitude, devotion to her fans, and a beautiful body. To see more hot selfies for yourself, check out Cinthya’s Twitter or Instagram!

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